Saturday, June 25, 2011 family!

So this blogging thing is hard and I am have a hard time picking topics to write about. I intend to mainly write about the boys and hope to eventually feel comfortable putting content online.  I hope to invite various family members to follow and hopefully interact. Most of my extended family members live several hours away, so this blog seems like a nice way to share updates about the kids and family.
I will start writing about the boys, I suppose. My husband Matt and I have been married since 2005, and we started dating in 2002.  He is my "first child" in a way, lol.  Jackson David is our oldest son, who turned 4 in April. Our second boy, Forrest Daniel, is currently 2 years old.  His birthday comes at the very end of the year.  And last is my lil' Silas Matthew, who is 9 months old and the sweetest baby EVER. Yes, my life is full of boys!  I am not done yet either-we also have my elderly dog, Chopper (a male shih-tzu). I adopted him in 2003 and he has been my best friend and loyal sidekick ever since.  I realize he is getting quite old, grouchy, and smelly, but my adoration of him is such that I have no doubt he will become a favorite topic for me to write about.  

Sadly, my mother is physically grossed out by Chopper, and I swear I can see the disapproval steaming off of her body-especially when she starts lecturing me about health and how I don't realize how unsanitary and dirty all dogs are, especially my smelly old dog.  I have no doubt that she believes   Chopper is indeed hazardous to my family's health, and he is her number-one suspect and is the cause of any illness we have in the household. 

Yes, he stinks.  Yes, his skin flakes off sometimes. Yes, he is old.  But those all could describe myself in the future, should my husband have me put down?  I think Chopper can still enjoy life as a  beloved family member.   I pray that we have a few quality years left together before he leaves this life to wait for me in God's Kingdom.