Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday morning: The usual chaos and destruction!

Today started like every other day. I wake up every day around six am without fail because I urgently need to pee. I sneak to the bathroom and then try to climb back in bed for a few more minutes of rest. Today was no different, and after I snuck back into bed I lightly dozed until I heard Forrest coming. It was about seven am now. Forrest climbed in our bed along with some of his toy puppies, and we snuggled for a while. Around 7:15 we heard Silas calling for us, so we got him and went downstairs. They each ate a pop tart and watched Max and Ruby on Nick Jr. I got their clothes ready and started making Jackson's lunch. He was going on a field trip to Kaleidascope today. I woke him up around 7:50 and he pottied and got dressed.  That was when the day began to sour.
As Jackson left the bathroom I told him to put his pajamas in the dirty clothes pile (2 feet away).  He refused and stomped his feet and was overall very loud and rude.  I told him in a firm tone if he did not do the job he was not going on his field trip. Then I went downstairs to turn off the tv.  I had to argue and convince Forrest to put his underwear on, and next we had a battle about his shorts. He wanted pants but it was already 75 degrees outside and getting hotter.  But I gave in quickly on this-the pants won!
Forrest seemed ready finally to cooperate and began to dress himself. I grabbed Silas-who yelled at me and kicked me as I lay him down to change his diaper and pajamas. He kicked and kicked and screamed and twisted and rolled and arched his back. He also pulled at his clothes and grabbed my hands.  Meanwhile Jackson was still upstairs yelling that he hated this, and didn't understand why I was making him do this awful task.  I told him I was calling the school when I was done with changing Silas to tell them Jack was staying home. Forrest meanwhile was checking to see if his  peepee would fit through the hole in front of his new underwear instead of putting on his shirt and pants.
This is when I made my first wrong move of the day. I slapped Silas on the leg and somehow contorted my leg over his upper body, pinning him to the floor.  I yelled at Forrest to put his privates away because we do not play with them in public areas-which our living room DOES count as.  When I finished wrestling with the manbeastbaby, I stomped upstairs and held the phone to my ear as I pretended to talk to Jackson's school. He stopped some of his protesting, and ignored me while listening.  When he decided I was not bluffing he put the laundry in the basket and went downstairs running from me yelling, "sorry sorry sorry, Mom!"
Jackson had cereal and milk, plus his iron supplement with orange juice. Then he did his Flovent inhalor which is for his asthma. I had finished his lunch and told him to go upstairs, brush his teeth and kiss his sleeping dad goodbye.  I think it was 8:25 by now. School starts at 9:10, but Jackson has to have a strict routine or he gets worked up, so he likes to be at school at 8:40, when breakfast eaters are allowed in early.  Another story is behind the breakfast ordeal....anyway, we needed to get moving so he would be on time and not begin to unravel.
Then I had gear up for another fight with Silas, who had pooped in his clean diaper. Jackson has picked up a book and started to read it and Forrest was crying because he wanted a cake pop.  I changed the mess as fast as I could, cleaned it up and washed my hands.  I took the book away from Jackson,  because he doesn't read-he becomes one with the book and life ceases to exist for him, outside of the book. He cried like a baby as I nudged him towards the stairs.  Finally he went to brush his teeth, and I got shoes on the other two-which was another battler.  Forrest wanted his red ladybug flip-flops which were nowhere to be found. He didn't want his sneakers or sanders or other flip-flops so I told him to go lay down with his dad instead of walking to school.  He settled on another pair of flip-flops (which I despise).  Silas hates socks and of course always copies his brothers so he too wanted some damn flip-flops. Fortunately their were some his size in the shoe box.  Jackson finished saying bye to Dad and put his shoes on agreeable and he nicely double-checked his backpack when I asked him to. We made it out the door at 8:35, perfect! Score one for Mom!
We walked to school with only two tantrums. One from Silas who hates holding my hand.  He hates me because I pick him up every time he lets go of me to run away. If he would walk with me I wouldn't be so insistent, but he runs away as fast as possible every chance he can. The other tantrum came from Forrest, who was rotten by insisting he be in front of us as the leader-three driveways down!   He too almost had to be carried or hold Mommy's hand.
The walk home was easier, and we made it inside!  It was 9:30 am now, and we had some time to kill....

To be continued

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