Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday-The Usual Chaos!

So the weekend is here finally. I am always so relieved when the work week is over.  Tonight I only had two of my three boys, Jackson and Silas. (Forrest went to Grandma's)!  So we ran errands, brought Daddy dinner, and went to TJ Maxx.

Our dog Chopper was in the van because he had cried and tried to ignore me when I told him to stay at the house. I feel guilty because before I had the boys Chopper used to go everywhere with me, get daily walks and have his hair brushed often-he was so spoiled!  Then I had a baby boy. And another one. And then one more. All within a four-year time frame!  Chopper is now a tad neglected, so tonight I let him come, especially since the weather was nice enough that with a cracked open window he would be comfy waiting in the vehicle.

So after I parked I unloaded Jackson from his carseat and grabbed the baby's seat and headed inside. I locked the van and we shopped for half an hour or so. Then we headed back out to the van and it when I put the baby's seat back in that I realized Chopper was NOT in the car.  It guess the dog's escape happened because I have remote-controlled doors.  As I walked out of the store I pushed the door open button so it would be easier for me to load the heavy carseat and shopping bags, and also so Jackson could climb in.  Chopper must have bolted when the door opened and immediately disappeared.

Before I could even look for him I had to buckle the boys in because it was a busy parking lot. I called for him a few times and whistled, and I looked EVERYWHERE possible without leaving my babies. There is a Petsmart nearby, on the corner, so I thought I would go there to see if maybe someone took him there by chance, in case they happened to have seen him and decided to save him from the busy traffic or possible dognapper (he is a very expensive, sought-after breed-plus he is extra beautiful).

Thank GOD that is exactly what happened!  A very nice woman had found and brought him in and she was still there to make sure his owner found him. I am so glad I took time to put his breed's trademark "topknot" ponytail in his hair today!  Sadly he usually looks like such a ragamuffin-he might have looked like a dirty old stray who is not cute enough to rescue!

I am so glad we found him and that the situation worked out alright.  Just another day of the usual chaos and destruction that takes place in my insane life!