Saturday, November 12, 2011


This morning my dad texted me early. He wanted me to bring Jackson and Silas to the grand re-opening of K-Mart. They had drawings, ballon artist, face painting etc. I needed to go to the store pretty urgently since I was out of diapers. Silas actually was wearing a swim diaper left over from summer. I knew I was on borrowed time so we rushed to appear presentable (somewhat) and went to K-Mart. Dad was excited to see us and while I entered some drawings he got Jack a piece of cake and some orange juice. Then we went and stood in line for a balloon. We watched the face-painting while waiting. The girl doing them did awesome designs. When it was Jack's turn for the balloon artist he requested a helicopter which he received. Then my dad had to leave so we walked up front with him. Mr.Blue-Light was up front so Jack and Silas said hello and Dad got some cute pics.

Then we went and got diapers and pull-ups. We went past the attraction area again and Jack saw a table with a craft activity so he got to make a little fall leaf foam character thingy. Then he decided to get his face painted after all and chose Batman. He looked awesome. Then I let him pick out a 99 cent Hot Wheel. We grabbed milk and checked out. They gave us free "green" K-Mart bags and bottles on pop. It was a very exciting trip to the store for the boys.  Forrest was at Mom's, he stayed the night. It was his turn this weekend.

We got home and Jackson told me" I like being a bat but this stuff has got to go." He was having a minor allergic reaction, of course. So I washed his face and had to give him some Benadryl. We then had a nice snuggle on the couch while Silas napped. I dozed a little, it was quite nice. My wonderful mother kept Forrest all day and brought him home after church. Of course, the usual chaos and destruction commenced the moment he walked in the door.  I had a lovely little break last night and today-Jackson, Matt and I even made chocolate chip cookies from scratch this afternoon! Time to rest and be ready for tomorrow!!
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