Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Joy of Reading

Jackson is learning to read. It is so exciting for me as I have a love for reading that some people may call extreme. While in the hospital delivering my second son I read an entire novel. It was glorious to have some time to myself (aside from nurses and doctors) so that I could completely engross myself in my novel of the moment. Ditto with the third son.

Listening to Jack sounding out words is just astounding to me.  He is 4 1/2, and my first son. A few weeks ago during bath time he was studying the baby shampoo and making "ba" sounds. Then he progressed to saying "bab" a few times. Then he was quiet for a few minutes.  From the way his big brown eyes were so focused on the bottle of soap I am pretty sure he did not blink. Then he said "baby!" "Mom it says baby! I was so floored! Jack is so intelligent and I am so proud of him!

He stayed at Grandma's last Friday and on the phone the next day he was trying to spell 'nose'. His way of spelling it was 'noz' and again I was impressed.  When he talks he will get caught up on a word and want to know what letter it starts with. He always guesses correctly. He walks around the house pointing to words asking me "What does this spell Mommy?"

My favorite part is watching how the world seems to be opening up to him, letting him in on some of the grown-up secrets that only reveal them self to a person big enough to be able to read and comprehend what they are reading. 

As I drive I am bombarded with questions about every single store sign, street signs, traffic signs (I am also required to explain various symbols) and advertisements. He is so excited and proud of his blossoming new skill. I am excited too! He starts preschool in a few weeks with our city school district and I am so excited to see what other doors begin to open up for him.
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