Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Joy of Reading

Jackson is learning to read. It is so exciting for me as I have a love for reading that some people may call extreme. While in the hospital delivering my second son I read an entire novel. It was glorious to have some time to myself (aside from nurses and doctors) so that I could completely engross myself in my novel of the moment. Ditto with the third son.

Listening to Jack sounding out words is just astounding to me.  He is 4 1/2, and my first son. A few weeks ago during bath time he was studying the baby shampoo and making "ba" sounds. Then he progressed to saying "bab" a few times. Then he was quiet for a few minutes.  From the way his big brown eyes were so focused on the bottle of soap I am pretty sure he did not blink. Then he said "baby!" "Mom it says baby! I was so floored! Jack is so intelligent and I am so proud of him!

He stayed at Grandma's last Friday and on the phone the next day he was trying to spell 'nose'. His way of spelling it was 'noz' and again I was impressed.  When he talks he will get caught up on a word and want to know what letter it starts with. He always guesses correctly. He walks around the house pointing to words asking me "What does this spell Mommy?"

My favorite part is watching how the world seems to be opening up to him, letting him in on some of the grown-up secrets that only reveal them self to a person big enough to be able to read and comprehend what they are reading. 

As I drive I am bombarded with questions about every single store sign, street signs, traffic signs (I am also required to explain various symbols) and advertisements. He is so excited and proud of his blossoming new skill. I am excited too! He starts preschool in a few weeks with our city school district and I am so excited to see what other doors begin to open up for him.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This morning my dad texted me early. He wanted me to bring Jackson and Silas to the grand re-opening of K-Mart. They had drawings, ballon artist, face painting etc. I needed to go to the store pretty urgently since I was out of diapers. Silas actually was wearing a swim diaper left over from summer. I knew I was on borrowed time so we rushed to appear presentable (somewhat) and went to K-Mart. Dad was excited to see us and while I entered some drawings he got Jack a piece of cake and some orange juice. Then we went and stood in line for a balloon. We watched the face-painting while waiting. The girl doing them did awesome designs. When it was Jack's turn for the balloon artist he requested a helicopter which he received. Then my dad had to leave so we walked up front with him. Mr.Blue-Light was up front so Jack and Silas said hello and Dad got some cute pics.

Then we went and got diapers and pull-ups. We went past the attraction area again and Jack saw a table with a craft activity so he got to make a little fall leaf foam character thingy. Then he decided to get his face painted after all and chose Batman. He looked awesome. Then I let him pick out a 99 cent Hot Wheel. We grabbed milk and checked out. They gave us free "green" K-Mart bags and bottles on pop. It was a very exciting trip to the store for the boys.  Forrest was at Mom's, he stayed the night. It was his turn this weekend.

We got home and Jackson told me" I like being a bat but this stuff has got to go." He was having a minor allergic reaction, of course. So I washed his face and had to give him some Benadryl. We then had a nice snuggle on the couch while Silas napped. I dozed a little, it was quite nice. My wonderful mother kept Forrest all day and brought him home after church. Of course, the usual chaos and destruction commenced the moment he walked in the door.  I had a lovely little break last night and today-Jackson, Matt and I even made chocolate chip cookies from scratch this afternoon! Time to rest and be ready for tomorrow!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So its been awhile, but I am going to try to update more often.

The laundry in a household of five plus is never-ending.  I have a terrible time organizing it. I keep the boys clothes as separate as possible, they each have their own basket for dirty laundry.  Then I have a storage thingy that holds all the other used and dirty items. Matt says all his clothes are at the bottom of it, waiting to be rediscovered. I told him if that is true they would all be way too small for him now.  There is also a pile in the kitchen hall of various items that have fallen victim to the antics of the boys, the dog or one of us supposed grown-ups etc,  With potty training a constant subject we have frequent pants and underwear changes.

My first step is to find enough time to gather up and start a load (economy sized of course). Then when its done the next step is switching it over. I am always surprised by the load waiting in the dryer for me, like an ambush.  So before I can switch the laundry I must go on a hunting trip. Laundry baskets are scattered all over the house, some hold dirty laundry, some have toys, some are being used as a cage to trap a one-year-old or a stinky shih-tzu (whomever is unfortunate enough to be in the way at the time). Usually in order to find a basket to fill with clothes from the dryer I must dump something out of a basket or put away some folded clothes that have been waiting in a basket for a day or five to be put into a dresser. When I finally return to the laundry room to switch the laundry I realize the empty basket I brought downstairs should have been full of the next load of laundry to go in the washer.

So another trip upstairs ensues and I eventually am able to start a second load of laundry. Now comes the step where folding is recommended. Back when I worked FT and wore dress clothes I would have to stay vigilant and hang certain pants and tops to dry instead of risking the fit in the dryer where they may shrink. Other nicer tops need hung up immediately and I try very hard to do so but most of the time the clean laundry sits around the living room in a basket waiting to be folded. Silas likes to grab my piles of folded laundry so I can only do it when he is contained or asleep. I get so distracted that I never finish any of the folding. When I do finally have it folded and sorted it again takes forever to put it away.  I need help!!

I need to get rid of stuff, especially the boys, I have too many clothes and this means I put off washing their stuff until they are down to rags. The pile of dirty clothes meanwhile, is now two loads worth of laundry.

I need to also try to teach the boys to put their clothes away. I need to let go my need to do it just so, and accept that if they at least do it, that's much better than it sitting in a basket waiting for me to take care of it.

I have not even mentioned my three lovely boys who enjoy peeing on their sheets and pajamas, dragging every clean blanket out to build tents, dribbling food down their shirts staining them. Or how they like to "help" me fold and end up having a fight with socks on their hands!!!

Another time...