Saturday, July 27, 2013

Work vs Family Time

Today is July Fourth and tonight I felt a little sad as I watched the fireworks display alone.  I have always loved the big, loud firework displays!  Sadly, my little guys cant stay up late yet (because they  still havnt discovered sleeping late) and my big guy can just forget about being off on any holiday.  If he is ever off its due to a rare schedule fluke! Liquor stores don't even get to close for Christmas!
So for my topic tonight I will rant and rave about my husband's hours and how a small "Mom & Pop" liquor store has been a deciding factor of many aspects of our life.

I believe that Matt's evening shift is causing my loneliness to feel worse than ever  before.  Matt actually needed the evening shift when I still worked days at the medical office, but now that I stay home his evening shift is causing our family to drift apart.  We rarely eat dinner together as a family, and Matt & I don't get to share any of the sacred "grown-up" time that occurs when the boys are asleep.  Matt is also unable to partcipate-or even watch-any of the boys' evening activities (like Jackson's karate).

I have to say though, the WORST THING OF ALL about his hours is that during the school year he doesn't even SEE his boys AT ALL during the week because school hours begin when Matt is sleeping, and he has left for work already when they arrive home.

However, I do love that he enjoys his job and he is a valued employee.  He knows his boss truly appreciates him and always treats Matt with respect and kindness.  To me, if you love a job that has crummy hours, it is better than working ideal work hours at a job that is not enjoyable.
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