Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello, we are still here!!!

So, it is January 24 already, and my first post for the new year.  I have no excuse, other than the fact that this little blog is something I do in my free time, and free time is in limited quantities around here!
My little men are growing so fast, it is so fun to watch as they learn, and change, and develop their little personalities.  I figured I would start out with a little update on each of them.

Jackson is loving preschool, every morning when he wakes up he asks "Do I have school today?"  He even reminded me today that he needs to bring back his library book, because today is library day.
Jack and Forrest have been getting along a little better.  They still fight, and I try very hard to stay out of their arguments, because I think they need to learn how to solve their problems on their own, although if they resort to violence I do step in.  Jack is still very particular about things and situations, and tends to melt down when they don't go his way.

Forrest is my poor middle child, and he really is torn in the middle.  He wants to be big, like Jackson and be able to get on a school bus and go wherever it is that Jackson has so much fun at.  At the same time, he sees me baby Silas and he wants to be my baby too.  He is such a sweetheart when you can give him some one-on-one time and he loves to help me do chores.  He is doing well with learning to use the potty, and pretty much stays dry all day, not counting those pesky # 2's!

And last we have Lil' Silas!!  Silas is now 14 months old.  He is so amazing and smart!! He says lots of words, including Mama, Dada, I love you, Jack, and milk to name a few.  He wants to play with his brothers so bad, and they just yell at him and push him, or take toys away from him roughly.  It makes me sad to watch, but I also remember the way it felt to have a younger sibling in the way.  I just need to try to plan a few activities each week that we all do together, and some that are for big boys, and some for kiddos like my sweet  Lil' Silas.

So far this year has been great, I decided that this year is all about my amazing little family, and even rang in the new year with my boys.  They got to drink sparking juice out of champagne glasses, they were so proud.  We toasted the new year at nine pm.  Jackson kept saying, "Happy You Near!!!" 

So I will end this by saying Happy You Near to all 3 of my loyal readers!
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