Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My son is worthless after school!

So today was Jack's third day of preschool and it is a big adjustment for all of us.  The main issue is that Jackson is completely exhausted when he gets home. He was put in the afternoon class, so the school bus comes for him around 12:45pm, and he doesn't get home until nearly 5:00pm. I have always had problems with Jackson not getting enough sleep. He stopped napping completely when he was two and it was horrible. He was so tired today after school that he didn't even know which way was up.  He couldn't tell me about class or what he talked about today.  He burst into tears more times than I can count, for ridiculous things like not being the first kid in the bathtub, or when I tried to have a quiet chat with him.  He has a spaz-attack if I touch his arm gently, in an attempt to get him to focus and listen to me.
I hope it is just an adjustment period. I am going to call the school in a few weeks if things don't improve. I can't deal with with the three boys constantly competing and fighting.

***This was typed originally back in December.  I never did remember to post it, I kept thinking I would be able to write a bit more.  An update, Jackson is still pretty much done for the day when he gets off the bus, but we have all gotten used to the new schedule a little bit more, and I have learned he needs to zone out for awhile after school.. I can respect that!! I remember coming home and being immediately engulfed, and it was hard-I would have loved to just get my work clothes off first!! So I am trying to respect that school takes a lot out of my little man, and try to leave him alone to decompress for awhile!
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